Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days of Horror: An Introduction

I have a few confessions to make. First, I love October and it is easily my favorite month of the year. Second, I love Halloween and it is easily my favorite holiday. Finally, I am a horror movie fanatic and I have been since I was a little kid. 
The reason I mention these three things is that I’m planning to do something I like to call the 31 DAYS OF HORROR CHALLENGE. For those of who are interested in taking the challenge as well or are just curious about what the hell I’m talking about, I’ll elaborate. the 31 Days of Horror Challenge is a Movie Challenge with a few simple rules, while I’ll post below: 
  1. The challenge must be taken during the month of October.
  2. The contestant must watch one horror movie per day.
  3. The contestant must watch movies they have NOT seen before.
  4. The contestant must write a review for each movie they watch to prove they have watched the movie. The review must be at least one paragraph long. 
Due to my love of the genre and the season, I thought this would be a fun challenge to take. Will I be able to complete the challenge, watching thirty-one horror films by the end of the month? Stay tuned. 

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