Thursday, May 23, 2013

Future Schedule of Eclectic Thoughts

When I first created Eclectic Thoughts, I wanted it to be a place for me to express my opinions about a number of different topics and maybe to chronicle some of the more interesting elements of my life. However, the majority of my posts on here have been reviews of books or movies I've seen.

So, starting next week, I'm going to try and fix this by adopting a posting schedule similar to the one I use for my other blog Dungeons Deep & Caverns Old. I will be making a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Unlike Dungeons Deep & Caverns Old (which has a more free-form schedule where I post about something I've even been thinking about or toying around with for awhile and want to just think out loud for a moment or two), Eclectic Thoughts schedule will be a lot more structured.

Every Monday I will be posting a review of some sort. Usually it will be either a review of a movie that I saw in theaters the previous weekend or rented from my local movie store, or a Netflix Review of something I've watched on the titular website. Occasionally, however, I might review a book or comic that I've just finished reading or a video game that I've been playing. If I see multiple movies over the weekend, I will do a "Review Round-Up" where I give a short and simple review of both films in one post.

Every Wednesday I will be posting an editorial of some sort. Generally, these will focus on topics that I've been thinking about recently and feel like talking more about. The topic could be related to pop culture, philosophy, politics, social issues, or anything else that I find interesting enough to talk about. However, I will try my hardest not to do same kind of topic two weeks in a role. For example, I've already planned to do a pop culture-based editorial for my first one, so I won't be doing a pop culture-based one the week after that.

Now, Friday posts will be a little weird because these will be more free-form. Usually, I'll probably use these posts to tell interesting anecdotes from my life (like the time a friend and I went on a road trip to the Dallas Comic-Con and ended up getting lost or the vacation to San Antonio where every that could go wrong did). However, I might just use the post to talk about something completely random so I can get it out of my head.  Since Friday is supposed to be the end of the work week, I thought I'd represent that by letting Friday be a "go with the flow" day for the blog.

Now, there will be occasions where I decide to make a post on Tuesday, Thursday, or on the Weekend. However, those will mostly be spur of the moment things where I talk about something that just happened and I want to give my opinion on it right then or there or where I can quickly talk about something that I was just thinking about before I forget it.

So, I hope you enjoy this new schedule and let's hope I can actually stick to it.

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