Friday, January 25, 2013

Netflix Reviews: Assault on the Sasquatch

Assault of the Sasquatch, obviously, tells the story of an enraged Sasquatch who rampages through a dying city after it is captured by a merciless bear poacher, then transported to the city when the poacher is arrested and his truck is impounded. Now, before the creature returns to its wilderness home, it will hunt down the poacher and take vengeance on him.

Directed by Andrew Gernhard and written by John Doolan, Assault of the Sasquatch is your typical low-budget, by-the-numbers monster movie that really doesn't bring anything new to the table. While I'm a fan of monster movies, I hate it when they just stick to the cliches and don't really present anything new or fun to the situation. Because of this, Assault of the Sasquatch can be a little boring at times (and that's saying something when a movie has a scene where a knife-wielding stripper fights Bigfoot). Also, the use of rather bad CGI for some of the kills and blood really hurts the film and just had me shaking my head. 

The acting, like in a number of low-budget films, isn't that good either. The performances range from passable to down-right annoying. Easily the best performance in the film is Greg Nutcher as ex-police officer Ryan Walker. He does a decent job playing a recently retired officer who lost his wife and doesn't want to lose his daughter as well. Sarah J. Ahearn, who plays his daughter, does a decent enough job as well. 

While this film isn't a good film in any stretch, I hesitate to call it horrible. Mostly, it's just forgettable. I don't feel like I wasted my time watching it, but I probably wouldn't watch it again. If you like monster films and have some time to kill, I'd say give it a watch. If you don't like monster films, can't stand bad acting, bad special effects, and a somewhat mediocre story, I suggest skipping this one. 

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